Friday, August 28, 2009

Quinten John

Quinten came into the world on Tuesday August 25, at 4:09 pm. Weighing in at 5 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long. My water broke Tuesday morning about 5, but shortly after my contractions stopped. My doctor new it would be fast, and so he did not want to start my pitocin until after he was out of surgery. So at 2 pm they started my pitocin. I could lightly feel my contractions, even though not one ever showed up on the monitors, ever, the whole labor. At 3:30 I was at a 5 and could feel my contractions HARD! By 4:00 I was at a 10 and still feeling every single one, even if the computer was not showing any! At 4:09 he was born with one single push (they only counted to 8 and then yelled at me to STOP!!!). I finally had a baby that came out screaming and he even peed on my doctor. I got to hold him as soon as he was born, another first, and he NEVER went into the NICU, yippee. He is a wonderful baby and we are so happy he is here and healthy. They discovered after he was born that yes I did have intrauterine growth restriction, so it was better he came when he did or he could have had some major issues. We went to 36 weeks I am super proud of that! Here are a lot of pictures....sorry we kinda think he is cute. By the way we will be blessing Quinten this Sunday, I know we are crazy, but we are also doing Andrews farewell so why not kill two birds with one stone? If you would like to come it is at my church at 11. If you need to know how to get there send me an email or comment.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby update

Nothing new. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and again he was worried, because I am now loosing weight. So he ordered another round of test, to measure amniotic fluid, and watch Quinten's heart rate and my contractions. It was very boring and slightly stupid, but everything was in the normal range. Low, but normal. I go back to have these same test done every Monday and Thursday until he is born. I am dilated to a 1+, and 100% effaced. We just have 4 more centimeters to go before the hospital will keep me. This could take a week or 30 minutes. I am resting while canning tomatoes with my Mom. We did 44 pints and 38 quarts so far. Thanks mom for the help! I will keep you all updated as we get closer to D day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too much information

This may be a little too much information for those who have a queasy stomach or who have never given birth. But here is our latest update one the new little on coming soon to our family. I went to my Doctor yesterday for my 34th week check-up. For me this is when I get my group B strep test done, and a blood sugar test done (if my sugars are too low these could cause my contractions to be worse.) They also found protein and blood in my urine, so more blood work was done for that. My doctor then became a little worried, because I have been gaining weight as I should be (1pound a week), for the last six weeks, but my abdominal measurements have not changed. I am not retaining water, so we needed to find out why I was not growing. So I went back later in the afternoon for another ultrasound and an amniocentesis test. In the amnio test the stick a HUGE needle into your uterus through your stomach. Needles really don't bug me, but man did it hurt. The worst part was when it was all over my contractions got worse and I was really dizzy. I was a little nervous about this, especially because I could not get a hold of Brent, and did it all by myself. So the measured the baby, and he was measuring great, right where he should be. They also checked his heart, brain, the position and yes he is STILL a BOY! They tried to measure my cervix, but it was too thin to even register. But as long as I don't dilate too quickly I should still be fine. They also measured the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby to be sure they could do the amnio test. The doctors were checking to be sure I did not have one of two things, Oligohydramnios (not having enough amniotic fluid for the baby to survive), or Intrauterine growth restriction (when your uterus stops growing), if I had either one of these conditions they would send my to the hospital to get steroids pumped in me, and then to induce labor. Lucky for me both the ultrasound and amnio came back fine. We are guessing he is almost 5 pounds, and his lungs seem to be developed. I am not sure how they can tell this from the amnio test but they can. So I am doing nothing for 12 more days, when I will be 36 weeks. I just sew, read, and watch "Wonder Pets"....boring...but safe!

My next appointment is on Wednesday, my doctor will check me and hopefully I wont be too dilated. My mom comes in late Wednesday night, but I am really hoping to make it to the 25th. I'll keep you posted if my chaos gets any more chaotic!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally PINK!

We have only had a girl for 2 years, and I finally gave in and painted her "NEW" room pink. I HATE pink to say the least, but she is our only girl, so we better be sure she has something girly. My brother Ryan gave me the idea for the stripes, it was a lot of work, but in the end it looks fantastic! So here are a few pictures to show it off.

The bed was my Great Grandmas, and at one time (about 2 weeks ago) it was very dark walnut stained. I stripped it down and painted it white. I only have the vanity and dresser to go. The room I would say is 95% complete. We are going to put trim along the ceiling and I have some vinyl lettering that will go above her bed.

Sorry Andrew, you now have a room mate and a very girly room! Good thing it is only for four more weeks!

Quinten's Room

We finished Quinten's room as well. Here are a few pictures. Here is the window seat with new pillows and seat covers.


Sheets, blanket, and bumper pads.
We are now only missing a cute baby to put in it....only a few more weeks to go!