Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday BOYS!!

I can't believe Parker is 10! He had his birthday while we were in Moab, and being the bad mom I am I completely forgot to post! Parker is such a great kid, and a great big brother. We love you buddy!!

Bridger was our little 4 pounder when he was born. I cant believe that he is FOUR! Wow how time flies. Bridger loves his little sister way too much. He is a great friend and our little man. We love you Bridgie!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are going GREEN!

Maybe because it is Earth Day...

Maybe because Annaka loves to
listen to Wicked....

Whatever the reason Annaka is
This pic does not show it good enough, she even colored her lips, and eyes.
Good thing crayolas are washable and non-toxic!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Brent and I decided that while our boys were off track, we would take them on an adventure. So we packed up the kids and drove down to the red rocks and sun and enjoyed four days in Moab. It was a blast! The kids even survived with no TV or XBOX, AMAZING! Everyone really had fun, even Annaka, but we are totally wiped out. This is why parents don't take their kids on LONG camping trips, four days of port-a-potties and you are ready to come home.
I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the OSCAR goes to.....

For the best actor in a drama, "North Davis Hospital ER". Parker, Corbin and some friends were playing on the trailer (a HUGE NO NO) and the hitch part fell on Parker's hand and sliced it up pretty good. Neither Brent or I believed him as he came screaming "I'm going to die!" He cries wolf A LOT! But once we had a look at the bleeding mess we thought better, pawned the kids off at neighbors and rush our "dying" son to the ER. The car ride went like this:
Parker: (screaming) I am going to DIE!! Call the president so we can use his helicopter to get there faster,
Mom: (trying to hold back laughter) We only live five minutes away bud, you WILL NOT DIE!
This went on for the entire five minutes, and when we hit a red light it was magnified.
When we got to the ER there was hardly anyone there so I figured 30 minutes waiting room tops! Every time someone would go in before us, Parker would wale, "Don't they know I am dying over here, I think I lost too much blood, I may die right now!" I think Brent and I were hoping that he may pass out so we would not have so much drama, little did we know his acting skills were about to go through the roof.
When the nurse came in Parker was quite skeptical of what she was going to do. But then it started, the minute she stuck him with the first numbing shot. He started to scream for his LAWYER. Brent and I had to sit on his legs and hold him down for fear of him jumping up and running away. He told the poor nurse that she "did NOT go to medical school, and that she needed to leave NOW!" To say the least we were mortified! The poor doctor was in for a treat. Parker yelled and screamed and again asked for his Lawyer (I have never said that line and have no idea where he got it, later he said it was from ICarly). Needless to say 2 hours and seven stitches later the hospital voted and Parker won the BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA.

I really hope he never has anything truly traumatic happen...he would just die.
He did apologize after the fact to the nurse and doctor. Good thing, his common sense returned afterward.

A girl and her SHOES!

Annaka is slightly obsessed with shoes, okay maybe it is VERY obsessed with shoes. Any shoes. She even thinks that shoes belong with swimming suits, pj's, and if she could I am sure she would wear them to the bath. The funniest part is she is VERY picky about the shoes she will be wearing, and if they are not the ones SHE WANTS you will hear about it. I guess the cute black pock-a-dot shoes I picked out did not go with her dress and Annaka wore mine instead.

The best part is she walks all over the house in my three inch heals!

What are we going to do with her as a teenager!