Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My little jumping bean...

Annaka is very small for her age, she is in the 2%. I think she is small because this is what she does all day, everyday. Whenever she is in her exerciser she just jumps.

All day long JUMP...JUMP...JUMP!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank Heaven for little ones!!

I just want to express my gratitude for all of my children. As I sat down yesterday trying to explain to my children why we celebrate Memorial Day. I felt so blessed. My children have never had to experience the lows of a funeral, we have had people we know pass, but not anyone my children have been close to. They have all their grandparents and most of their great grandparents. The closest we came was when my sister Heidi was diagnosed with cancer in 2005.
I also remembered my friend who in February gave birth to a still born baby and had only a short minute with her here on earth. I commented to Brent that we must be the luckiest people on the planet. We have had all our children early, and some of them were born with problems, but not one of those problems have lasted more than the week they were in the hospital. We don't have any disabilities from being preemie, that means we are in the 3% for preemie babies. Not to mention we have beaten the odds five times, to me is a miracle. We have felt our hearts yanked out of our chest as our children are wheeled into the NICU, given spinal taps or breathing treatments. I have cried each time they gave me a steroid shot, hoping that this time it might make their little lungs develop better. But I have been truly Blessed. I have never felt an ache that didn't go away, or a pain I can not comfort. I wake up every day to five smiling, joyful and energetic children, whom I love more than anything.
Some days as a mom I am overwhelmed, and sometime would like a moment to myself, but in those moments I think about what would I do with out my children. One day they will be out of the house and grown, they wont need their Mommy all the time. I will miss these days when they need me so much. I just want to express my love for each of my children and most of all Thank my Heavenly Father for sending my five perfect little ones to watch after.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !!

For Mother's Day my Mother-in-law Pat, gave me President Hinckley's book "My Dear Sisters." As I sat down to read it I thought that his thoughts are my thoughts about all my "moms" I have had in my life. "How much more beautiful would the world and society in which we live if... every mother regarded her children as the jewels of her life, as gifts from the God of Heaven, who is their Eternal Father, and brought them up with true affection in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord."
"You are the keepers of the homes. You give encouragement to your husbands. You teach and nurture your children in faith. For some of you life is difficult and even bitter. But you complain so very little and do so very much. How deeply indebted we are to you!"
"What a wonderful thing you have done as mothers. You have given birth and nurtured children. You have entered into a partnership with our Father in Heaven to give mortal experience to His sons and daughters. They are his children and they are your children, flesh of your flesh, for whom He will hold you responsible. You have rejoiced over them, and in many cases you have sorrowed. That have brought you happiness as no one else could. They have brought you pain as no other could."

Thank you Pat for being a great mom, mother-in-law and most of all grandma. You are truly wonderful.
To all my grandmas...Myrna, Marla, and Grandma Great. You are a real blessing in my life. Thank you for always loving us and for loving my kids as much as you do. Grandma Myrna "I love you more than a diet coke!"
To all those other "Mom's" along my way, Jan, Lisa and Sue. You have always loved me like I was one of your own, and now with my mom so far away, I am so glad that I have you all to call on when ever I need you. You are awesome...thanks! To my friend moms, Becca, Kayla, Becky, and Amy's, I don't know what I would do with out your support. You truly Rock! Thanks for being a shoulder to lean on.

Last but not least my own Mom. I love you! You are a wonderful Mom, Grandma, friend and example. You are always there to help answer my lame questions, or diagnose my kids over web cam. Even if we are far way, I know you are always here for me. I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Thanks Mom for all you do for me, I love You!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life is not fair...

I have figured out the very worst part of being a Mom, your babies grow UP way too fast. As I sat down to journal in Annakas' scrapbook and looked just how much she has grown in the last 8 months. It is just not fair. My grandma Myrna always says that if Heavenly Father made the first two years go as slow as the rest of your life, we would only want one baby. It is part of Heavenly Fathers plan to make them grow up so fast I guess. But I still don't like it!This is little Annaka, 2 days old and ready to come home from the hospital. Yippee for us we finally got our little girl.
The cutest little Tinkerbell. Annaka in her blessing dress at six weeks old. My Mom made this dress for me and my sisters to be blessed in. I love passing things down.
Annaka in Florida at 7 months, sitting up rolling over and trying to crawl, and catch Ivy.

Here is my little sunshine on her first ride in the wagon, she giggled and smiled the whole trip. Annaka please "slow down, you move so fast, you got to make these moments last."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a great site for moms

One of my neighbors showed me an awesome site for all of us moms trying to save money. If you are so rich you don't have to save your money...then we can't be friends, just kidding. It has a lot of samples or clubs to join so you get things for free. I signed up to be part of the ocean spray clubs and today I recieved a 32 oz. bottle of grapefruit juice in the mail, with $14 worth of coupons. The sight is It is a way cool sight, so go take a look, it can only save you money.