Friday, July 24, 2009


We had our first parade today (we decided to do Peach Days in September), and it was a great success. It was hot, but not as HOT as it could have been. The kids were on the float for a long time, we had to be there at 7 am, but the parade did not start until 9 am. Our float was number 86 out of 135, so needless to say it was a LONG parade. It was a blast, the kids looked great and we had a fun time. We also can say we are GREAT float builders. Our float won "peoples choice award" and the parade judges also awarded us "First Place" among all the entries. Yeah for us!!
Thanks Brent for putting so much time and sweat into a calling that you were not called too! I guess I will have to plan the rest of your elders quorum lessons for the rest of the year.

Jessica eating her watermelon.

Madi watering her garden.

Burk eating his watermelon.

Parker plowing his field.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feel as if we are doing nothing even though we seem to be running around with our heads cut off. We have such a list of things to get done before Andrew's farewell, but nothing seems to be getting done. I KNOW it is because I am "nesting", but we can't have the house in chaos can we?

I took my stress test at my last doctors appointment. And everything went smashing. They cause my body to have contractions and then monitor the baby for the hour. His heart beat dropped a little, but not outside the normal range. I have another test next Monday, so we will see how that goes. I am 31 weeks today, feeling pregnant and not ready for this baby to come. I have two more appointments and then my doctor says "it is a race to see who gets to the hospital first!" My normal delivery date is at 35 weeks...but I AM NOT HAVING THIS BABY UNTIL AFTER ANDREWS FAREWELL, so on August 30th after everything is done I expect to go into labor. I will be 37 weeks, and I have only carried that far one time before. So we will see.

I found my other memory card so here are some more pictures from Florida.

Annaka finding Sea Shells.

Bridger and Bampa in the Ocean.

Trying to snorkel like uncle Ryan.

Bridger in the bath tub.

Annaka in the bath tub.

Eating chips and relaxing at the beach.
Ryan, Bridger and Annaka.

Taking a bath in "bammas inside pool."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A float update...

It is 99% done! Yippee!!! We HAVE to have it finished by Friday morning at 10, but it looks like it will be finished by Wednesday night. Brent and I finished our things on Tuesday, because Wednesday IS HARRY POTTER DAY!!! It has been really fun to work on the float and I have learned a lot. I will NEVER look at floats the same way again! Here is my corn, finally finished and up. Monday night the float committee head decided that we needed "real" ears of corn on the float. So in one day I had to figure out how to make them and then do it in one shot. Who knew you can make ears of corn with foam, yellow yarn and a swimming tube floaty thing. I think they look pretty good.
Here is the front of the float, where Parker will be plowing his wheat field. I actually had a professional florist come and talk to me about my wheat, because it was the most realistic wheat he has ever seen! Thanks Ry again for such a great idea!

A tomato plant.

The front of the two houses Brent made. It should be really cute when all the pumpkins, flowers and kids get put into place. I will post more pics when we are done and of course of the parade. If any one wants to see it in person it will be in the Ogden City parade on the 24th of July.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Florida and such...

Okay I think I am officially BUSY!!! I am sure my stress test in the morning will prove it for sure. I came back from a Sunny, fun vacation and found a float in my driveway, a shed started, a wedding cake to be done and the last week of school for the boys! Yippee Skippy that is all over (mostly) and I have a minute to sit and update my blog. Brigder, Annaka and I had a blast at bammas and bampas in Florida. Bridger missed his brothers and begged for them to come to Florida soon to see him, he did not want to go home to see them of course. We swam in the pool, or at the beach, or both everyday. Now Annaka thinks she NEEDS to be in her swimming suit 24/7. The highlight for me was that while my dad, Bridger and I were swimming in the ocean we saw a Manatee about two feet in front of us swimming by. This would freak most people out, but Manatees are my favorite animal and you don't see them in the wild very often. It was completely AWESOME!!

Here is Annaka and Bridger at "sugar beach". They had so much fun.

Annaka loves this little boat. She would play in the pool with it, or the ocean (she is not afraid of anything, even really big waves), or just at the beach!

Bridger playing with his "diver men" at the beach.
He had to do some type of pose in every photo.

Here is Annaka and Bridger at the Denver Airport. We had a four hour delay at the airport, because of a "plane issue". We were supposed to be home by 11:11 pm, we got on our plane in Denver at 11:47 pm. Needless to say the kids were great, they slept the whole way home, and when we arrived at 1:20 am our daddy was waiting for us!

Bridger and Annaka had so much fun with Bamma and Bampa. We can't wait for you to come see us for Andrews farewell! We will see you soon!

Here is what we came home too....
Annaka's hair can now be pulled into pony tails, with lots of hairspray and cooperation from Annaka. Isn't she cute!!
A wedding cake for my brother-in-laws cousin, whom I have never meet. It turned out great for only chatting via e-mail.

Need I say more. Brent spent the week I was gone working on the houses between rain storms. This is it before it was hauled away to Ogden for the rest of the decorations.

My wheat field (thanks Ryan for the idea of how to do my wheat), where Parker will be plowing his "field" during the parade.

Speaking of Parades here is Annie at the Centerville Parade! Happy 4th of July!