Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ready or NOT here we come...

In the morning these crazy two and I will board a plan to head to sunny, humid, chance of hurricanes, Florida. Bridger is so excited he has counted down for the last month. I only hope we sit by a little old lady that is super kind, or Mary Poppins :)! My house is a mess, the float is no where close to being done, and I feel slightly crazy, but ready or not here we come.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's in a name...

Last night during family night we were talking about the new baby, how was he going to get out, why do babies have blood all over them, and most of all why were we naming him Quinten John. This was an interesting conversation to share with my children, but the fact that a ten year old and a four year old DO NOT comprehend things the same was even funnier. Anyway the boys had there own ideas for Quinten's name, I guess I really suck at naming boys.
So here they are...
Bridger says if the baby comes out with a light saber and breathing funny (like he was), then we need to name him Quinten VADER. If he comes out with a light saber I am definitely in trouble!!If Quinten comes out and is a girl, which is not going to happen, we WILL name her ZELDA.
If Quinten is born with a shield and sword we should name him Quinten LINK. Again I am a little nervous to give birth to a weapon wilding son!

Last but not least all babies come out wrinkly, naked and scary so we should name him Quinten GOLLUM. Need I say more!
I just hope he is born a healthy little Angel!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I hope they call me on a mission!

Well Andrew received his call to serve in the LA California Spanish speaking mission last Thursday. He will be speaking in my ward on August 30th and leaving for the MTC on September 9th. He is very excited to say the least and we are super proud of him. When it gets closer I will tell you more details about the farewell. Yeah Andrew !

Monday, June 1, 2009

We are here...

So I really did not fall off the face of the earth. We have just been super busy, and time to blog has fallen by the wayside.
My new calling is Parade Chair, what is that you ask. Well our stake is building a float for the days of 47 parade, and I am one of the people in charge of it. We are making a float that will look like a pioneer and modern day garden. So I have been making a lot of pvc pipe corn stalks and wheat made out of tubing. When I get my part of the garden completed I will take a pic and show everyone. But to say the least it has been very time consuming.
I would say I have also been "nesting", yes it is a bit early for people who carry to term but because I DO NOT, and I only have six maybe eight weeks before my Dr. says no more cleaning, you need to REST, I have my list of things to clean or get done everyday.
It may also help that in 15 days Annaka, Bridger and I are going to Florida, or that in the next couple of months I will have a farewell for Andrew at my house. Pick the reason, but we have been busy. So here are a few things we have been busy with.... Eating ice cream sandwiches.
My new bedspread, this did not really make me busy but I got it in the last few weeks.

Making Noah and Bridger's new basketball bedspreads, I also repainted their room.

We learned about Wayne County, and had to make a float to go with it.
Do you remember what county you did? I did Morgan.

Planted our garden and put a picked fence around it. This way the horse-dog we have can not eat another peach tree.

Built a chicken coop for our chickens, Link, Zelda, Luke and Runner. and NO I did not name any of them. When you give boys the opportunity to name an animal it doesn't matter what sex that animal is...they will get names from video games or Star Wars!

Poured our first piece of cement.
So that is what we have been up too. To answer a few questions about our newest addition. Quinten is definitely a BOY! I told the ultrasound tech. I've seen those parts a few times before. I am due on September 22, so hopefully we make it to September this time. I think 9/9/09 would be pretty cool. But that would be a miracle. I feel okay, morning sickness is over, but my contractions have started. As I told Brent the other day if I never had a contraction I would think something was wrong. So they are just part of my daily life while I am pregnant. We started steroid shots in May, so hopefully his little lungs will be developed. Other than the normal junk that goes along with being pregnant I am doing great.