Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday to my best Christmas Present EVER! We love ya Noah!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cheer!

When I was little, my family used to go cut down out Christmas trees. It is a freezing but fun experience. When Brent and I got married we started to do this tradition. We usually go to Flaming Gorge, stay at a lodge and pay a lot of money for a beautiful tree. Well this year we got smart, and went to our Cabin and cut down two beautiful trees.

Kids Tree.

It was a bit hectic this year...but what's new! Brent drove his truck up and I drove up in my SUV, so that we had a way to get the trees back home. My sister Holly, her boy-friend John and our Bishops family came with us. There was 17 people in all. Annaka started to feel sick on Friday night, so at mid-night the Bishop and Brent went down to Spanish Fork to get Tylenol. They tried to hit a few deer, a couple owls, and almost succeeded in hitting an elk. Annie was not a happy girl the whole time, but she was a trooper as we hiked up the mountain. Sunday Morning the Watson's went home, we started to clean up and winterize as Holly and John went to the Scholfield branch sacrament meeting. I unloaded all of the trees, started to reload the truck and get the house cleaned. I sat down to nurse the baby and was hit with a wave of pain in my side. "Maybe I over did it with the trees" I said to myself. Then I could not control it, I was throwing up, laying on the deck, screaming for Brent. I told him that "if I didn't know better I would say I was in LABOR." Holly and John took my kids home (thanks again), and Brent drove our old truck as fast as he could down Spanish fork canyon and back to a hospital. Don't worry I was not in labor, just passing a Kidney stone, 1 down 4 to go! It sucked, I would not recommend it!

My Tree

Here are our family pictures for the year. I think I should send this one, crazy, blurry and missing three of us, but hey its the best we could do.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Stay nice and warm and enjoy the season!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

peanut butter, silliness, growing,and a momnapping!

Annaka loves Peanut Butter, I got out of the shower and found her watching "Dora" and eating Peanut Butter right out of the jar. In my room no less!
Annaka thinks she is pretty cute and loves to watch herself in the windows. She will dance and shake her bootie, she must be a Williams'.

Parker thought he would be funny and started taking pictures of himself. This is my favorite. His future wife WILL see this one.

Quinten is getting big, starting to smile and cooing. He is such a great baby.
Noah was worried that I did not have a picture of myself. If I ever get "mom"napped I need to have a picture to give to the police. So Parker took my picture so he would stop worrying.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from this crazy bunch. No more are the days of all dressing the same. We all have a mind of our own! Bridger as Batman!
Who doesn't love Sponge Bob?
Corbin the Dinosaur or Dragon, you choose.This is what 10 year old is...super cool!
My newest little scarecrow. Isn't he cute?
Miss Dorthy showing off here little Toto!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ward Pumpkin Party!

One of our past Bishops is a farmer, and he plants one of his fields with pumpkins, for our ward pumpkin party. We get a great lunch, hayrides and HUGE pumpkins!

Corbin and his friends on the hayride.
Bridger's pumpkin

Annaka's pumpkin

Noah's pumpkin

Brent and Annaka on the hayride.

Parker's pumpkin

This is what Quinten thought of the hayride.
Thanks Bishop Wilcox! We scored 20 pumpkins!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bed head?

We think she might have a case of "bed-head"!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I decided that after I spent too much on a really nice camera, that maybe I should take some semi-pro pictures with it. So with the baby who could care less we did our own little photo shoot. These are some of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This and That

So pretty much this is what we have been up to...
a little bit of this and that! Quinten is getting bigger, at his due date weigh in he was 6 pounds 8 ounces. So I am sure he is about 7 and a half pounds now. He is a great baby, very patient and just cute!
Parker was needing attention, so he ran into the car door, and needed seven stitches! This time he was much better, not once did he call out for his lawyer.
We went to our cabin over conference weekend. It was so nice, but on Sunday the winds picked up and so did the rain. Winter has arrived at the cabin. Yeah! Time to break out the snowmobiles.
Here is Annaka and Noah on the swing.
Annaka getting ready for a very cold four wheeler ride.

Last but not least we had a small pumpkin disappear last Halloween, when spring came we found it growing in my front garden. Well I brought in the pumpkins today and made this little arrangement for my kitchen. Move over Martha!! My little pumpkin plant produced 32 pumpkins. Thanks Ms. Morton for the pumpkin it is the gift that keeps growing!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Best thing ever

I can't believe that 11 years ago I married this handsome man!
Best thing I ever did!
Happy Anniversary Baby!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogging..what blogging!

It has been a while since my last post. So I managed to put the last three weeks into three slide shows. We have been busy around here with a new baby, grandma and grandpa, and trying to get Andrew off on his mission. Now that Andrew is gone, grandma and grandpa are in Florida we are seeming to get the hang of our not so busy life. it is still busy, just not as busy as it has been. I forgot to post some pictures of the Peach days parade, Corbin was our pioneer, and again we won first prize. YIPPEE float days are OVER!!!

Heidi, Henry and a lot of fun!

My sister Heidi and her little one Henry showed up to surprise me and my parents for Andrew's farewell and Quinten's baby blessing. Here is some of the fun we had while they were here! Baby blessing, Grandma and Grandpa and the Zoo! Henry is really a happy kid, except when I am around, so don't be fooled by all the tears, I was in the room!

Andrew off to the MTC

Annaka's 2nd Birthday

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can't believe that this cute little pink baby, has turned into a full of personality, two year old!
Happy Birthday little Miss Annaka,
We love you!

P.S. I have tons of other pics to share from the last three weeks, I promise I will blog them soon.