Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's been shakin'....

Okay to say life is crazy would be an understatement! We have been constantly busy (and I am afraid it is not going to slow down anytime soon) for the last month. March has flown by in a whirl wind and with it came fun, adventure, and a few new family members. So I chose my favorite few pics of the last month to prove to the world (or the three that read my blog) that we have been doing something.

This is Quinten at the temple. I love this Picture. He is growing up too fast. At his six month check up he was 13 lbs. 6 oz and 23 inches long. Yeah he is a chunkers. If being in the 1 percentile makes him a chunk! He can sit up almost, he rolls every where and he will be crawling before you know it. Slow down baby boy!

First I made a cake for the blue and gold banquet. It was very fun to decorate a cake that looks like the boys uniform. I heard it tasted good too.

Corbin wanted a Game themed birthday party, so I made a old school Nintendo for the cake!
I also made a farewell cake that looked like Tennessee, did I take a picture...sorry I forgot.

I refinished my Kitchen cabinets. This is in the middle of the process. The ones right above my sink are what they now look like. Now if only I could find a cheap way of redoing that ugly tile!

Pine Wood derby! Need I say more.
Parker "the cheeseman" with his wedge of cheese!

Corbin with his very scary, very fast car.

It is sponge-bob, no just Corbin after he had four teeth pulled. Noah had two pulled, but he is a crazy drunk and would not let me take a picture.

My little brother Ryan got married to the love of his life, Ann. We love her dearly and wished they lived a little closer. I also had two wedding cakes on their wedding day, theirs and one of my friends, too bad I again didn't take a picture.

Finally on Friday my grandpa got remarried to a wonderful lady named Sharon. She makes my Grandpa so happy. This is their wedding cake I made for their special day.

I can not promise to be a better blogger...
get me a nanny and a maid and maybe I would or could be better!

Just a side note......

I am going to NYC for my 30th birthday!

Thanks hunny!