Wednesday, July 23, 2008


HAPPY 20th BIRTDAY to my beautiful, talented little sister. I am so lucky to have a little sis like you. Thanks for being such a great aunt and buddy.
We love you!!

What we do for smiles like these...

I am completely in awe of how much stuff insurance companies don't cover. Let me first say we have wonderful insurance, and we even have a secondary for our dental plan. We picked the second up after Corbin cost 440.00 for two cavities to be filled.

So this is were my rant begins...I took all five children to the dentist this morning. My kids are always great, they LOVE Dr. Anderson (thinking of it my kids LOVE all their Doctors). So one by one one we go and get our pictures, and then one by one we climb into the big green chair.
My kids are awesome little brushers, because after two years of perfect teeth, we had only one cavity.
One of Corbin's other fillings had started to loosen and he got another cavity around the same spot. In my mind I think "$$$". Then the dentist tells me that he needs a bottom spacer so his teeth will come in better. Again "$$$" crosses my mind. Corbin is not going to be able to go on a mission, but he will have great teeth.

Dr. Anderson then explains that Parker has a big molar that we should have sealant put on...okay do it we don't want any cavities...right.

So then the cute receptionist comes out to tell me how much $$$ I am going to fork over at this trip. Good thing we only come twice a year. Corbin's total is 669.32, but because of my two insurances, I only have to pay 44.00 for the laughing gas. I love insurance!!

Parker's total for ONE sealant is 37.00, and I have to pay 37.00. What ? Apparently insurances only like it when you have holes in your teeth. They will not pay one penny of any preventative stuff. Okay a little STUPID if you ask me. I hate insurance !!

So once again my mind started thinking $$$.

37.00 sealant times eight teeth= 296.00 a mouth

5 mouths =1480.00

That is with out cavities, spacers, braces, retainers, or any other junk my kids need in their mouths.
I better go I think I should go sign up for Dental School.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a ham...

Okay, I know I post a lot of pics of Annaka, but she is kind of at that everything is cute stage. Where she thinks she is hilarious, or she does things that crack me up. So here are a few of those moments. Annaka Loves to eat her hair bows (and be naked), if I let her she will tear apart her whole basket full of bows.
I promise I do feed her, she just really likes bows. Here Annaka is helping big brother Parker scrub the bathroom floors. We start them off real young around here.
Annaka thinks she is SO funny, it starts with a simple smile....
and then turns into this. The head back, full laughter smile. The best part is she knows she is funny, and she knows how cute she is. She has even started to clap at herself after she does this.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thanks Heidi for tagging me.
Okay six things people don't know about me, here goes...
Brent thinks I am the Wicked Witch, just kidding, but this was my Mother's Day present. Because when I was pregnant I used to call Annaka, "Elfie", and when people would ask what we were going to name her I would say "Elfie". For you who do not know I am very obsessed with "Wicked', and Elfie is the Wicked Witch. That is the reasoning behind my gift.
I always wanted my name to be Elizabeth, and that is why Annaka has Elizabeth as her middle name. I used to even write E. Rachel on my school papers.
If I could be any place right now it would be here. On the "Bugs Life" ride at Disneyland, or the Peter pan ride, or teacups, or finding Nemo, or star tours, or.... I think you get the picture.

Sometimes I feel like this is my life, but I love my life and would not change it for anything in the world.

I really like to camp, hike and be outdoors.

If I could live any place in the world it would be here, looking out over the Bear Lake Valley.