Friday, February 29, 2008

who needs a binkie?

None of my babies have been Binkie babies, but Annaka will take one if she has too. The last few days she has discovered her big toe. She kicks off her shoes, pulls off her socks and starts sucking on her big toe. We do feed her I promise. She wont suck on her thumb, just her toes. I think it is pretty cute.

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi

After much pleading from my sister Heidi to get my butt in gear and start our own blog. I finally did it. My blog name is even Heidi's idea (but the name she had was taken, so this one is my idea). I think she thought that if she did all the hard stuff I would do the rest. Well I did. I hope this keeps our very spread out family and friends a little closer and cuts down on the amount of emails I send. If anything Brent will have fun laughing a my silly post, I am sure. He is mister technology and I am not, (I have already called him to ask why my pic would not post). Thanks Heidi once again you ROCK.