Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Choking hazard

I have five children and I KNOW what I should and should not give an 11 month old to eat. But I am all about breaking rules, at least if I am there to watch her choke. Annaka LOVES raisins and popcorn. Two very big NO-No's in the medical field, but she loves them and it is so cute to watch her dainty fingers pick the raisins from the box, or shove the popcorn in her mouth. Good thing I know the Heimlich remover.

First Day of School...

Just like in Finding Nemo, Noah was up at 6:15 because he was soooo excited for school. He even came into my room singing "first day of school, first day of school." All of my children were feed, dressed, had their chores done, and even vacuumed the basement by 7:30, an HOUR before school starts. Oh well, at least they are excited...right?
Parker is in fourth grade and has Mrs. Neeley, who he already loves. I asked what he liked best about his first day and his reply was "in 4th grade you can get seconds at lunch, isn't that awesome." You can guess what his favorite subject is..LUNCH.
Corbin is in 2nd grade and loves school, but was a little nervous about a new teacher. He told me his favorite thing is that he "is the very bestest reader in my class, and my teacher knew my name and didn't yell."
Noah was over excited and it was a very LONG day waiting for 11:15 to arrive. Little did he know that he only got to go to school for a day, and then we will REALLY start next week. Noah's favorite part was "making my birthday bag, and snack, and the movie, and ms. Morton, and ..." I think we get it Noah LOVED all of it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lazy days of summer

I finally gave in and bought my kids one of those big pools. I just have to tell you it is the best 100 bucks I have ever spent. We have lived in the pool, if you need proof look at my beach bums post. We spend around five hours everyday out in the pool.
Noah is just warming up.
Dad and Annaka lounging on the float toy. I did not think Annaka would like it, but as long as she is not being splashed she is Happy.
Annaka in the bouncer, her second favorite place to be.
And the BEST part is, when we are all done swimming, the kids come in so wiped out, they crash anywhere.