Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday CORBIN!

I can't believe that 10 years ago I gave birth to this cute kid! I was in labor for only 52 minutes, a couple of pushes and he was here. I even drove myself home from the hospital, Brent was way too tired. He has always been a little crazy but a ton of fun. I am so thankful to have him in our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORBS!

10 things we LOVE about Corbin

1- He loves might even be an obsession. But because of this love he wants to be a zoologist when he grows up and he wants to work with the giant pandas.

2- He has NO FEAR, he never has, even as a toddler I found him on top of the fridge after he "needed a tweet" and climbed up the cupboards.

3- He has a testimony. Each fast Sunday with out telling any of us, he gets up and goes to the pulpit and shares his testimony.

4- He loves to sing. He will sing anything or sing any where. Many times I hear that Corbin was the only one who remembered all the words to the new song they are learning. Or that Corbin knows how to use his voice, he is load but in the "good" way.

5- He is super smart. Corbin loves to do well in school, he studies hard even if it is not needed, and he loves to learn about new things.

6- He can be a great helper. If I ask Corbin will do (most of the time), and usually with a smile.

7- He is very patient, his favorite thing is Lego's and if that is not having patience I don't know what is.

8- He loves Harry Potter.

9- He loves to be outside, he loves to camp he loves to play kickball and dodge ball in the backyard, he loves to go swimming and fishing and just the outdoors.

10- He is kind to others.