Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is Bridger's 6th Birthday! He is so big, I can't believe how time flies. So here are 6 things we love about Bridger!
1- He loves to snuggle, give hugs and kisses. He even came into the earth kissing the air (not really a good thing, but it was cute anyway)

2- He is a very obedient child.

3- He loves to be in his Chinese class, and actually asked if he could drop out of English!

4- He is a good little brother, and a great big brother. He will play with whomever.

5- He loves to smile, laugh and giggle. He is a very Happy child

6- He has passions. He loves things almost to an obsession. Some of his favorite passions are Lego's, Star wars, Indiana Jones, Zelda and Chinese.

We love you Bridger Maxx! Happy Birthday!